4 Habits of Highly Successful Women Entrepreneurs

Or the fact they are smarter than an average woman and have charming personalities?

  •     Is it the random element of luck?

                   Or the fact they are smarter than an average woman and have charming personalities?Whatever your stance is, one thing is for sure much of what make                     some women more successful is developing certain habits which they stick to as a norm throughout their lives no matter what. Trust me, it’s not easy for                     women to be successful in a male dominating society where there are unfair laws, stereotypes and male centered work place practices where women                     are  merely seen as a ‘sexual object’ rather than women with more brains and possessing certain attributes that many men lack.

  • They have a badass attitude

    Developing a badass attitude is a must to have to achieve success in life. Successful women know they are the creators of their lives. They take life as a blank canvas upon which they can paint anything they want to paint.They take control of their life and create the kind of life they desire to live. They know developing the right attitude will change the life they experience. They experience success when they stop playing the victim rather becomes the creator of their own destiny. They know by playing the victim they compel their ability to change their life in the direction they want to.

  • They are organized

    Organization and success go hand in hand. Smart women realize organization is the key to success. They know being organized is the first step to success. What organization means is setting up priorities and goals in life along with sound planning. If you have great ideas but you don’t have an action plan you would fail, in spite your great ideas and vision.

  • They meditate

    To be able to create a great action plan one has to be relaxed.  Hence, meditation is one the most often mentioned habits of highly successful women.The latest research reveals that how mental breaks increase productivity and encourage creativity.A relaxed mind also comes naturally to those people who are more organized and hence experience less stress in their daily life.Arianna Huffington, who is worth $ 50 million, co-founder and editor-in-chief of the Huffington Post, meditates every day for 30 minutes after waking. Kerri Walsh Jennings, 3 time Olympic Gold medalist claims to start each of her days with 10-15 minutes of meditation first thing each morning. Ellen DeGeneres, TV actress, credits Transcendental meditation to still her mind.


Ziaullah Momand