Network and Leadership for Women in Tech in Asia and the Pacific

enhancing skills, launching startups, creating employment and transforming communities.


TechWomen.Asia builds relationships among existing small and mid-size initiatives. Our six program areas are:

Ecosystem Development

Creating women in technology ecosystems across Asia.

Skill Building

Building technical skills and leadership capacity of women in technology.


Targeting professional growth, experience sharing, and collaboration.

Business Acceleration

Mentoring early-stage entrepreneurs to develop, grow and sustain startup companies.

Policy and Advocacy

Contributing to an enabling environment for women in tech, through research and advocacy.

Cyber Security and Safety

Empowering women with tools and information needed for online safety and security.


We organize events, workshops and seminars in Asia a on technology, innovation and digital literacy to help women in the region develop their fullest potential to become leaders and changemakers. See list of our events you can get involved in.

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These are the different ways you can get involved with us:

Become a Member

Join the growing community of women in tech, share experiences, be mentored, access knowledge resources, stay on top of tech issues, learn how to make a difference in your community.


Become a Volunteer

Hundreds of volunteers and interns, like yourself, join our network to help expand our reach, gain experience and build a network by serving the most underserved communities across Asia.


Become a Mentor

A highly recognized position with an opportunity to enhance experiences, develop workforce, gain recognition globally, opportunity to receive a startup equity shares, and make an impact.


Become a Partner

As an institution, you can partner with us. Sponsor our events and programs. Help start a national chapter. Share your resources. Do research with us. Get your staff to become a member, be a volunteer, or mentor.

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TechWomen.Asia is a membership-based network active in building skills, enhancing livelihoods, promoting an entrepreneurial culture, fostering regional collaboration, and ensuring an enabling environment for women in technology across Asia since 2016.


Creating a network of women in Asia to increase numbers of women in STEM (science, technology, engineering, math), business and civil society; to enhance their access to information, education and knowledge, collaboration; and to ensure active representation and participation in policy and decision making.


More aware and connected women in Asia and the Pacific with increased access to technology; Employable women in technology across Asia and the Pacific; Women as technology leaders in Asia and the Pacific; Women as technology entrepreneurs; Enabling environment for women in tech.


TechWomen.Asia is governed by a steering committee and managed by a secretariat:


Omar Mansoor Ansari

President at TechNation

Founder, mobilizer and innovator. Omar is an award-winning senior entrepreneur and researcher in Afghanistan’s ICT sector. He is full time President of TechNation in Kabul.

Maria Beebe

President at Global Networks

Applied sociolinguist interested in critical discourse analysis, women’s leadership, and ICT4D, Maria's among Top 100 Filipinas who brings 20+ years of experience in global dev.


Mavzuna Abdurahmanova

Program Manager, Mavzuna

Based in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, Mavzuna brings a wealth of experience in working on e-governance, social and economic programs and citizen activism using technologies.

Sajia Yarmal

PR/Communications Manager

Sajia through her work as program coordinator with Rehabillitee Organization for Afghan War Victims and Senior Producer with Ayna TV in communications and PR has become a great PR and communications professional.

Sidra Jalil

Chapters Development Manager

Sidra is a an experienced professional in marketing, communication and research She conducted hackathons, seminars, talks and challenges. A great community manager in Pakistani Entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Sonia Herring

Portal Manager

Sonia is a mentor, researcher and editor. She is an activist and content developer who has worked on number of programs including Youth IGF Turkey, Network of European Digital Youth.


Diverse stakeholders are coming together to support TechWomen.Asia and its programs in various Asian countries. These organizations include:

Initiative by

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TechWomen.Asia is active in Asia and the Pacific, our networks is growing through the region, it plays a crucial role in empowering women in technology. Learn more about our local networks:

National Chapters

TechWomen.Asia chapters are spread across Asia who are led by community leaders from women in tech domain.

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Member Network

TechWomen.Asia members are female individuals all with technology backgrounds who have joined us to learn and share experiences.

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Mentor Network

Our biggest asset is our large network of mentors who have been devoted to helping enhance the livelihoods of our network members.

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